Friday, March 17, 2017

So What: Local News, Notes & Links

Here's the latest wrap-up of the week's assorted links and short news items of local interest:

* The Riverfront Times is rethinking its annual Music Showcase this year. The paper has changed the name of the event to ShowcaseSTL, discontinued the accompanying annual music poll, and is asking readers for their suggestions as to who should perform. ShowcaseSTL will take place Saturday, June 17 at various locations in The Grove.

* On Fillmore, bassist Darin Gray's duo project with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche, is preparing to release a new album, Happiness of Living.

* Saxophonist Roland Clark, a busy performer on the St. Louis scene from the 1970s into the 90s with his band Sound Exchange, passed away on February 23 at his home in Highland, IL. He was 82.

* Music Record Shop's new location in Grand Center is the subject of a short feature from the Post-Dispatch's Kevin Johnson.

* Organizers of the weekly jazz jam at @Nesby's have posted on Facebook a photo album from this week's session

* Keyboardist Jim Hegarty (pictured) has a new solo piano release, One Question, available as a pay-what-you-will download from Bandcamp.

* The late jazz critic, author, and essayist Nat Hentoff, who died in January at age 91, is being honored here in St. Louis tonight with an event raising funds for his daughter Jessica's not-for-profit organization Circus Harmony, which teaches circus skills to St. Louis students of all ages.

* The Piano Technicians Guild will hold their 2017 Annual Convention & Technical Institute in St. Louis from July 12 through July 15 at St Louis Union Station Hotel.

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