Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday Session: August 23, 2015

Diana Krall
For your Sunday reading, here are some interesting music-related items that have hit StLJN's inbox over the past week:

* A Radical Plan to Save the Big Music Labels: Shrink the Big Music Labels (ReCode)
* A Classic 1970s Synthesizer Is Reborn for the 21st Century (Wired)
* The Quest for Fire Music: Documenting the Free Jazz Revolution (New York Observer)
* The wonders of the internet – listen to John Cage and Morton Feldman in conversation (The Guardian UK)
* The 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time (Rolling Stone)
* Does ‘Rolling Stone’ Know It Declared Songwriting Dead? (FlavorWire)
* Review: Diana Krall aces jazz, struggles with pop in Oakland (Contra Costa Times)
* The Least Historically Accurate Music Biopics Ever Made (Vulture)
* Gene Kelly as jazz icon: Widow’s program celebrates his art (SF Gate)
* Curtis Institute and the case of Nina Simone (Philadelphia Inquirer)
* Jazz Heavyweight Terence Blanchard Won't Turn a Blind Eye (Mother Jones)
* Spirit Of Protest Spun From Blues And Avant-garde (Classical Voice America)
* 'We’ll retire at 106. What else can we do?' The rockers who won't call it a day (The Guardian UK)
* Organized chaos - A Q&A with Alvin Fielder (Arkansas Times)
* Hurricane Katrina and the Healing Power of Jazz (Time)
* 10 Years After Katrina, New Orleans' Brass Bands March On (NPR)
* The 250 Best-Selling Musicians of All Time (Digital Music News)
* How 'Playola' Is Infiltrating Streaming Services: Pay for Play Is 'Definitely Happening' (Billboard)
* A Rational Conversation: Does Anybody Even Have Time For An 80-Minute Album? (NPR)
* Studies Show that the Brains of Jazz, Folk and Classical Musicians Are Not Equal (
* From Nation Time to management time (The Wire UK)
* Javon Jackson Still Learns from the Masters (DownBeat)
* How Widespread Is Ghostwriting in Music and How OK With It Should You Be? (
* How John Birch helped inspire a Dizzy Gillespie presidential run (Boston Globe)

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