Monday, March 16, 2015

Miles on Monday: The Miles Davis Story, Herbie Hancock reminisces, and more

This week for "Miles on Monday," some recent news items about the iconic trumpeter:

* Concord Music Group will release their second volume of Miles Davis reissues from the Prestige catalog, titled Miles Davis—The Prestige 10-Inch LP Collection, Vol. 2, in a limited edition exclusively for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 18.

* If you've never checked out the 2001 BBC documentary The Miles Davis Story, you should know that it's probably the best, most accessible telling of Davis' life story and definitely worth a look. Though it is available on DVD (pictured), now you also can see it for free online (albeit with subtitles in Russian, and possibly for a limited time only) here.

* Pianist Herbie Hancock reminisced a bit about his time playing with Davis (and the time he almost worked with Jimi Hendrix) in a video interview with OkayPlayer here.

* Davis' appearance on the 1980s TV cop drama Miami Vice was the subject of a post last week on the website Dangerous Minds.

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