Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pollstar reveals more possible details
of Jazz at the Bistro's 2012-13 season

Although the official announcement of Jazz at the Bistro's 2012-13 season presumably is still a few weeks away, recent developments have shed some more light on what may be coming up there next year.

Most notably, the online touring information service Pollstar has added new listings showing performances at the Bistro by singer Gregory Porter (Wednesday, January 2 - Saturday, January 5) and singer and pianist Freddy Cole (Wednesday, May 22 - Saturday, May 25).

The former series of dates is significant for two reasons: it would mark the Bistro debut for Porter (pictured), who caused a good deal of industry buzz with his 2010 debut album Water and recently released his sophomore effort, Be Good. It also would be the first time in six years that the initial gig of the New Year at the Bistro went to someone other than The Bad Plus.

As for Cole, he just wrapped up a four-night stand at the Bistro in March, and has played the club several times before. Still, although Pollstar listings generally have proven to be accurate, as with last month's news about a possible return to the club in September for trumpeter Terence Blanchard, these two listings should not be considered confirmed until officially announced by the presenter.

In related news, singer and guitarist John Pizzarelli, a local favorite who's played here in recent years at the Bistro, Sheldon Concert Hall and Touhill Performing Arts Center, recently added dates to the calendar on his website showing performances at the Bistro from Wednesday, November 28 through Saturday, December 1.

Though once again we'd suggest caution until there's an official confirmation, a return by Pizzarelli to the Bistro next season seems not just possible, but highly plausible, given his significant local fan base. We'll have more on this story for you as developments warrant...

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