Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More on the St. Louis Jazz Cafe

Following up on a story from last month, there was an interesting comment this past week on the December 26 post about the St. Louis Jazz Café, a new music venue scheduled to open in March at 1501 Locust downtown.

Responding to the original Post-Dispatch story as well as an earlier commenter here at StLJN, "Anonymous" wrote:
"I have it from a source close to the owners of The St Louis Jazz Cafe, that 1) The mention of streaming music from the internet in the article is a misquote; They do not intend to use that as a source.

2) The types of Jazz played and performed will cover the gamut of the genre, i,e. everything from Big band era, & swing, to modern, and contemporary, smooth Jazz, to free form, from Thelonious Monk, and Miles, to Stanley Turrentine and Grover Washington Jr, from Mel Torme & The Chairman of the Board, to Wes Montgomery, or Grant Green, From Oscar Peterson to Stanley Clark.

3) Also a misquote; The fact that Tim Sims will be putting together the food offerings,....that too is incorrect, the St Louis Jazz Cafe, will employ the services of a notable Chef, Tim Sims is the Operations Manager, more like an F&B Manager."
Now granted, this is from an anonymous commenter, and thus can't automatically be ascribed the same degree of credibility as a properly sourced statement from someone connected with the venture...but it's interesting anyway, and in the absence of any other information, seems at least somewhat plausible. As I said in the original comment thread, there's really no way to tell what sort of music the club will feature until a schedule is announced, so all we can do is wait and see.

In the meantime, there is at least one public indication the project is making some progress, though - the St. Louis Jazz Cafe is now advertising on Craig's List for servers, bartenders, cooks and kitchen help.

More details as we get 'em...


Anonymous said...

Theres a tremendous amount of exictement about the St Louis Jazz Cafe.
It's not just the excitement and the expectations of jazz enthusiast, who would patronize US for their love of the art, it's also the appeal of the enviroment. The St Louis Jazz Cafe inherited a beautiful restaurant, and are making some minor decor changes to put OUR signature on it.

Also, the ST LOUIS JAZZ CAFE intend's to attract the "Food enthusiast". (Come on now who does'nt love good food)! WE will offer "Great Food!" A bill of fare of american classics, with a new twist.

Although, the entertainment schedule is not set in stone, there are some promising prospects. Erin Bode WILL perform Grand Opening night, March 6th, and a relatively new, but very talented and very popular local group 3Central, will be playing at the "Friends & Family Nite", on March 4th.

The St Louis Jazz Cafe's vision is to become nationally renowned, not only for the caliber of performers we intend to feature (local talent included), but for being a culinary and destination icon.

p.s. If you havent discerned, this source is connected to the ST LOUIS JAZZ CAFE.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted as well, That the ST LOUIS JAZZ CAFE is not at 1501 Locust, which is the address of the TERRA COTTA lofts, The address is actually 1500 ST Charles, located is the same building, but at the rear entrance at the corner of 15th & ST Charles.

Veryobservantone said...

Tim will do an excellent job of creating the finest atmosphere for food lovers. He has a passion for perfect customer care. With Tim on board, "i"s will be dotted and the "T"s...will be....double crossed...literally.

Best wishes Tim, and the SLJC family.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that the st louis Jazz cafe will be a hit. The location is bad and the parking is even worse. The decor is a rip off of the red moon. And March 4th has passed and gone and we've seen nothing. The owners are not in touch with the business

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know who the idiot is who posted the previous comment,...What a Hater!

You must be an idiot to think that the location is bad,...First of all the location is GREAT! They are in the heart of their 3 main target markets,...and... focus group studies show that the residents of the loft district are extremely excited about the venue.

They have made some minor changes to the decor, but the St Louis Jazz Cafe was blessed to have inherited the space that was once the Red Moon, and all it's furnishings, and equipment, which was all custom made,....so why go spend 10's of thousands of dollars, changing out all of it? You're the one not in touch!...

Granted parking is not the greatest, but what venue or attraction in downtown has parking convienence?,....and if you've been paying attention, you'd know that the Grand Opening is slated for March 21st.

And, lastly, how can you you say the owners are not in touch with the business? Do you know them? Have you interacted with them in any way? These individuals put in a lot of hard work, money and sacrifice to get to this point, you can say what you want hidden behind a blog, but if you were to say something like that to the people who are involved with the ST Louis Jazz Cafe,...they'd probably smack you right in the mouth!

Anonymous said...

Smack me in the mouth PLEASE "they would agree if anything"