Monday, April 24, 2017

StLJN turns 12

Twelve years ago today, the first post went up on St. Louis Jazz Notes. More than 4,500 posts later, StLJN is one of the longest continuously operating outposts of what's left of the jazz blogosphere and one of the longest running music websites in St. Louis, and it remains the city's most complete and regularly updated source devoted to news about jazz.

Thanks once again to all the readers, commenters, musicians, music students and educators, presenters, club owners, publicists, tipsters, media people, record label employees, and others who have taken an interest in the site over the years. Your time and continued attention are much appreciated.

As usual, if you have any anniversary wishes, congratulations, questions, suggestions, or complaints, the comments are open.


CrocodileChuck said...

Dean, your blog is great and read all over [even Down Under, where I live]. As an ex-Saint Louis native I 'tune in' weekly, and love in particular your links to stories on the great Black Artists' Group of the early 1970's.

Well done, thank you and keep up the great work!

Dean Minderman said...

Thanks, CrocodileChuck - your kind words and continued readership are much appreciated!