Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday Session: October 2, 2016

Some interesting music-related items that have landed in StLJN's inbox over the past week:

* TV and Film Music Supervisors Are Killing Real Songwriting (LA Weekly)
* The greatest record sleeves – as chosen by the designers (The Guardian UK)
* Hill & Trumpet Peers Offer Captivating Set at FONT (DownBeat)
* INTERVIEW: Mark Wingfield (Specialist Mixing and Mastering Service for Jazz at Heron Island Studio) (London Jazz News)
* Female Composers in Games Industry See Gender-Based Pay Penalty, New Study Finds (Billboard)
* When jazz stopped being cool (CNN)
* The Story of AllMusic, the Internet’s Largest, Most Influential Music Database (
* Listen to this AI-composed song in the style of The Beatles (
* Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra is more than just a memorable gimmick (AV Club)
* From Audio, To 3D Printed Sculpture, And Back Again (
* Hyde Park Jazz Fest Offers Diverse, Progressive Program (DownBeat)
* 1966 Vs. 1971: When 'Rock 'n' Roll' Became 'Rock,' And What We Lost (NPR)
* How Seasick Steve turned out to be Session Man Steve (The Guardian UK)
* Scofield Gets ‘A Little Bit Country’ for New Jazz Album (DownBeat)
* Inside Stevie Wonder's Epic Magnum Opus 'Songs in the Key of Life' (Rolling Stone)
* Hear, kitty kitty: With ‘Music for Cats,’ is a new industry born? (Charleston Post and Courier)
* Cuba: While The Politicians Argued, The Musicians Jammed (NPR)
* Mutate, don’t stagnate: Mark Mothersbaugh in conversation (Detroit Metro Times)
* All 88 Diamond-Certified Albums Ranked From Worst to Best: Critic's Take (Billboard)
* The Fight Over Prince’s Estate Continues to Be a Purple-Tinged Nightmare (
* Martin Scorsese: When Muddy Waters met my Last Waltz (The Guardian UK)
* Newlywed Composer Christopher Rouse On His Encoded Musical Love Letters (NPR)

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