Monday, July 18, 2016

Miles on Monday: Miles Ahead released
on DVD and Blu-Ray, and more

This week in Miles Davis news:

* Don Cheadle's film Miles Ahead, which tells the trumpeter's story beginning with a fictionalized incident set during his late-1970s career hiatus, is being released tomorrow on DVD (pictured) and Blu-Ray.

* Speaking of Miles Ahead, an article published last week in Hollywood Reporter mentions Cheadle's performance in the film as one that "merit(ed) attention" for a potential Academy Award nomination.

* Everything's Beautiful, the tribute/remix album by pianist Robert Glasper issued in conjunction with the theatrical release of Miles Ahead, was reviewed by Croco magazine and by's Asher Wolf.

* An article by's Mark Werlin evaluates the remastered SACD reissues of several albums from Miles Davis "Second Great Quintet"

* Somewhat unsurprisingly, given that it's the best-selling jazz album of all time, Davis' landmark recording Kind of Blue figures prominently in Paste magazine's list of "10 Jazz Albums for People Who Don’t Like Jazz."

* The London revival of Robert LePage's Needles and Opium, a performance piece about Miles Davis, Jean Cocteau and various forms of addition, was reviewed by The Telegraph.

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