Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Education Monday:
Guitar lessons from Pat Martino

If you had a chance to hear guitarist Pat Martino when he performed in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, you may have wondered how he does what he does.

Today for Music Education Monday, you may get at least a partial answer to that question, as you can see Martino (pictured) explaining some of his concepts and musical ideas via a series of video lessons.

Excerpted from an "interactive video master class" called The Nature of Guitar, the lessons total more than 70 minutes of material spread across 11 individual videos.

The first clip, "A Compositional Journey," is the longest of the set at nearly 25 minutes, followed by segments titled "The Utensil & The Experience," "Seven Primaries: Triangle," "Chromatic Scale: Octavistics," and "'Stairways' & Chromaticism."

Next up is "Parental Forms Revealed," followed by "G7 Improv: Minor Form," "Diminished Parental Form: Dom7," an overview and breakdown of Martino's original "Welcome to a Prayer," and a performance of an improvised blues.

All 11 clips have been compiled into a YouTube playlist, which you can see in the embedded window below.

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