Monday, November 30, 2015

Music Education Monday:
B-3 for beginners, part 2

This week for Music Education Monday, it's part two of "B-3 for Beginners," a collection of links related to the Hammond B-3 organ and its imitators and/or clones.

Part one, which you can see here, covered some basic tutorials and introductions to the drawbars and bass techniques. This second installment will delve a bit deeper into some more specific topics.

* For starters, check out some additional tips on drawbar settings and favorite registrations from Eddie Landsberg and Mike Finnegan, and the settings used famously on Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale."

* Though not as well-known as Landsberg, Finnegan, or Procol Harum's Matthew Fisher, organist David Kempton has some interesting Hammond-related material on his website, including an essay on "How to Play Jazz on the Hammond (and why!)" as well as "Secret Registrations of the Jazz Masters" and more.

* Berklee College of Music faculty member Dave Limina has a number of free lessons available online via the website, including "Hammond Funk Techniques in Four Keys," (PDF); "Hammond trills, Sputter Tone, etc" (PDF) and "Hammond Leslie Speed Switching" (PDF).

* The formatting is old-school WWW, but the "in-depth discussion of bass techniques compiled from the Hammond mailing list by Scott Hawthorn" found at "Jazz Organ Bass Tips" is definitely worth reading.

* For reference material, there's the "Original Hammond Leslie FAQ", part of the Hammond Wiki. Hammond Suzuki also makes their 149-page "Owner's Playing Guide" for current models available online in PDF format.

* And for some Hammond history, you can read a biography of inventor Laurens "Larry" Hammond and a couple of brief histories of jazz organ from and the Academic Film Archive, and listen to some key tracks from influential jazz organists in a two-hour special on the history of jazz organ produced for syndication to public radio.

(In a third installment of "B-3 for Beginners," date TBD, we'll look at some Hammond-related instructional videos available on YouTube. )

Music Education Monday is a weekly feature that spotlights music education resources and information available for free online. If you have suggestions for a website, video, or other educational materials that might be of interest to StLJN readers, please share the link via an email to stljazznotes (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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