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Webster Groves HS jazz bands playing with Matt Wilson on December 12, at the Pageant on January 23

Photo of Matt Wilson from
Webster Groves High School jazz band director Kevin Cole sends word of two upcoming events involving the WGHS bands:

* Drummer Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O will take part in a week-long residency at WGHS starting Monday, December 8. They'll work with students on big band adaptations of the Tree-O material as arranged by the group's saxophonist Jeff Lederer, WGHS freshman Jack Snelling, and Cole.

The Tree-O and students from the school's Jazz I ensemble will "tour" Webster Groves schools during the day on Friday, December 12, followed by a public concert that evening with all the school's jazz bands at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium at WGHS, 100 Selma Ave. Admission is $10 at the door.

While they're in town, the Christmas Tree-O, which includes bassist Paul Sikivie along with Wilson (pictured) and Lederer, also will play a concert without their student accomplices on Monday, December 8 at Joe's Cafe.

* The WGHS bands will play their annual concert at The Pageant at 7:00 p.m. Friday, January 23. Also on the bill will be the jazz ensemble from Hixson Middle School and "special guests" the WGHS Alumni Jazz band, with a roster of musicians including Dan Smith, Ally Hany, Ben Steger, Isaac Helton, Kevin Killeen, Andrew Meyer, Jamie Burchett, Will Patton, Tara Bray, Robert Frye, Michael Neu, Dirk Downing, Blake Deibel, Michael Powers, Jack Popper, Bo Bray, Sam Fruend, Andrew Gurney, Holly Mead, Gus Knobbe, Jharis Yokley, Joseph Winstein-Hibbs, and Eric Grumke.

"The band will be playing original compositions by members, new arrangements, and even a commission for the occasion," writes Cole. "I don't even have to tell you how proud I'll be to see all of these guys again." Tickets will be priced at $15 for adults, $10 for children.

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