Monday, June 30, 2014

"Jazz Unlimited" to re-air documentary on
St. Louis jazz history starting Sunday, July 6

Starting this coming Sunday, July 6, Dennis Owsley's "Jazz Unlimited" program will begin re-broadcasting Owsley's ten-part audio documentary on "The Jazz History of St. Louis."

"This ten-week documentary is the second longest music documentary in the history of radio and certainly the longest music documentary in St. Louis radio (I did the second longest in St. Louis in 1987)," wrote Owsley (pictured) in a recent email to StLJN.

Of course, since he literally wrote the book on St. Louis jazz history - Owsley's 2006 tome City of Gabriels: The Jazz History of St. Louis 1895-1974 remains the definitive volume on the subject - you'd expect something in depth.

And indeed, this series, as its creator enumerated in said email, does not disappoint on that count: "It contains 143 interview segments, 265 complete pieces of music (some very rare), 116 short biographies of musicians and radio people, with 564 musicians or institutions mentioned."

"Jazz Unlimited" is broadcast from 9:00 p.m. to midnight Sundays on KWMU/St. Louis Public Radio (90.7 FM), and also can be heard online at "The Jazz History of St. Louis" documentary will continue weekly through Sunday, September 7.

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