Monday, April 29, 2013

Site news: Spring cleaning, plus
several different ways to get StLJN

If over the next couple of weeks, some things on this site seem broken, or intermittently look or act a bit funny, it's likely because of some long overdue spring cleaning.

As time permits, I'll be pruning some dead links and adding new ones, fixing (I hope) a couple of nagging problems with certain sidebar gadgets, and perhaps rearranging things a bit as well. Please pardon the metaphorical dust, and accept my apologies for any temporary inconvenience.

Meanwhile, this seems like an opportune time for a gentle reminder that there are many ways to keep up with StLJN's content besides going directly to the front page of the blog:

* You can use your browser or newsreader to subscribe to the RSS feed.

* You can sign up for the email digest. You'll get an update only on days that there's at least one new post, containing the full text of all new posts for that day.

* Follow StLJN on Twitter. The feed features all the headlines from StLJN, right after they're posted, plus selected reTweets of other items of interest.

* You can "Like" StLJN's page on Facebook. This page features links to all StLJN stories right after they're published, plus "shares" from other jazz-related Facebook pages. Please note, though, that because of Facebook's restrictions, to get all the updates in your personal news feed, you need to not only "Like" the page, but also select from the accompanying list of options "Show in news feed" and/or "Add To Interest Lists" (if you use that feature).

* You also can access StLJN articles on,, Feedage, and through several other online news aggregators.

* Lastly, all the YouTube content posted on St. Louis Jazz Notes is available separately on StLJN's YouTube page

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