Monday, April 19, 2010

Site news: Return to the land of linkin'

The section of St. Louis jazz-related links on the right sidebar has just gotten a long overdue update, with new entries in every category.

In the "Bands and Musicians" section, there now are links for The 4 City Saxes, singer Ann Dueren, singer Carmen Emborski, saxophonist Larry Johnson, singer/guitarist Elliott Ranney, singer Christy Simmons, Sound Unlimited, Three Central, and pianist Stephanie Trick, as well as revised links to new web addresses for singer and keyboardist Curt Landes and singer Brian Owens.

In the "Clubs, Concerts & Festivals" section, links have been added for music venues 2720 Cherokee and the Ambassador Events Center and cabaret promoters The Presenters Dolan.

In "Radio, Records and More," there's a new link to composer John Tamm-Buckle's label Kvist Records, which features electronic music, free improv and more.

Under "Products, Services and Resources for Musicians," links have been added for custom electric bass purveyor CertainBass, the Missouri Association for Jazz Education, the Musicians Association of St. Louis Local 2-197, St. Louis Music Classified, and the St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts.

And in the "From St. Louis to The Universe" section, you'll now find links to bassist Mark Peterson, singer Lynne Fiddmont and saxophonist and composer John Zorn, who once studied here at Webster University.

Also, a few dead links have been pruned, and a couple of misdirected ones fixed. The next spring blog improvement project here at StLJN will be adding some new stuff in the "More Jazz And Creative Music Links" and "Jazz Blogs of Note"sections, plus expanding the "Jazz Notes From All Over" section. More on that later in the week...

In the meantime, if you find any dead links anywhere on the sidebar, please alert yr. humble editor with an email to stljazznotes @ yahoo . com. (Remove the extra spaces inserted to foil spammers.) And, as always, if you have suggestions for other jazz-related sites that StLJN should link to, please send them via email to the same address.

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