Friday, February 12, 2010

Interview with Freddy Cole now
online at Jazz St. Louis website

Jazz St. Louis has put online a new audio interview with singer/pianist Freddy Cole, who's coming to St. Louis to perform Wednesday, February 17 through Saturday, February 20 at Jazz at the Bistro.

You can listen to a stream of the interview here. However, I couldn't find a way to download the the interview as an MP3 file, as was possible with previous installments in the series. (Can it still be called a "podcast" when there's no way to load it on to an iPod, or any other device?)

The option of downloading the file and listening to it later seems to have been eliminated with the recent redesign of Jazz St. Louis' website, and that's unfortunate. One would think that offering fewer ways to access the content would mean fewer people will access it. And even if the vast majority choose to stream rather than download, it's not as if also providing a link to download the file would use significantly more resources.

True, getting audio content via streaming (instead of downloading) is alleged to be "the next big thing," and perhaps the designers have some buzzword-filled rationale for eliminating downloadable files. To me, it seems like a user-unfriendly move, and just one of several things about the site redesign that seem a bit off...but that's a subject for another post.

UPDATE - 10:30 p.m., 2/16/10: Bob Bennett from Jazz St. Louis emailed that the Freddy Cole interview is indeed available as a free, downloadable .MP3 file, via iTunes, as well as in streaming form. To download the .MP3, go here. Bennett says their Web developer also is looking into a way to link the iTunes files directly from JSL's new site. Stay tuned...

(Edited after posting to correct the spelling of Freddy Cole's first name.)

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