Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Site news: Seven ways to get StLJN

With the start of a new year, it seems like a good time to highlight all the various ways you can get the latest posts from St. Louis Jazz Notes. Several new options have been added in recent months, and you can now get all the news on jazz, creative music and improvisation in St. Louis served up more different ways than a bowl of Cincinnati chili:

1) Read the main site at http://stljazznotes.blogspot.com/. You'll see the latest stories, photos & videos as soon as they're posted, plus ever-changing content from the jazz blog & news aggregator; articles, reviews and a free daily music download from AllAboutJazz.com; and the most comprehensive section of St. Louis jazz-related links anywhere.

2) Subscribe by email. At the end of any day where there's at least one new post, you'll get a single email with all of that day's posts. The signup box is located on the right sidebar.

3) Subscribe by RSS and read StLJN in your favorite news reader or on your homepage. The "subscribe" section on the right sidebar also has buttons to automate the signup process for some of the most common news readers.

4) Read the mobile version at http://stljazznotes.mofuse.mobi/ on your iPhone, Blackberry or other portable device.

5) Follow StLJN on Twitter for the latest headlines and links to full posts.

6) Become a fan of StLJN on Facebook, and get posts as part of your FB News Feed.

7) StLJN content also can be found in the news center at AllAboutJazz.com; in headline form on the website of Jazz St. Louis; and via aggregators such as Topix, Wikio, Technorati, outside.in, Fwix, and blogged.com.

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