Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Site news: Help compile a
St. Louis jazz list on Twitter

If you're one of the many people now using Twitter, you know that the instant micro-blogging service has evolved beyond just a way to find out what your friends are doing into a place to find breaking news from all sorts of sources.

Toward that end, Twitter's new "lists" feature lets users select a group of fellow Twitterers, employing whatever criteria you like, and compile their tweets into a feed. It's a handy way to gather together Twitter feeds on a specific topic or subject area, like breaking news, your favorite team, or even your favorite music.

And so yr. humble editor has recently started a Twitter list devoted to jazz in St. Louis, called, rather unimaginatively, the St. Louis Jazz List. It currently includes a dozen musicians, venues and presenters as well as StLJN's own tweets, but the goal is to try to follow anyone and everyone connected to the local jazz scene. So, if you're a jazz musician, venue or presenter who's using Twitter - or you know of someone in one of those categories who is - please let StLJN know.

You can use the comment feature on this post or on StLJN's Facebook fan page; send a "direct message" tweet to; or just email the name(s) and Twitter ID(s) to stljazznotes (at) yahoo (dot) com. Of course, you're also welcome to follow the list; just go to the link above and select "follow" as you would for an individual user.

(Edited 12/9/09 to fix a typo and change the email address to a more spam-unfriendly version.)

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