Saturday, August 01, 2009

Jeremy Davenport releases new CD

Trumpeter, singer and St. Louis native turned New Orleans resident Jeremy Davenport has released a new CD, his first since signing with the New Orleans-based label Basin Street Records last fall.

We'll Dance 'Til Dawn (pictured) is Davenport's debut release for the label, and he's getting some press for it right out of the gate, including a cover story penned by John Swenson for Offbeat, the Crescent City's local music magazine.

While Davenport continues to hold down his house-band spot at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New Orleans - "he plays in the Davenport Lounge, where the patrons drink Davenportinis" - the Offbeat article says that he's also starting another recurring gig in New York City:
"Starting in July, Davenport will wing his way between his jobs in New Orleans and New York. “Jet Blue is my commuter bus,” he jokes. He plans a more downscale approach to his New York gig at Huckleberry’s, a small, hip, tapas bar in a Brooklyn neighborhood that is more of a walk-in joint than a couples’ night out venue. The name may put you in mind of “Moon River,” and the patrons at Huckleberry’s drink craft-brewed IPA, not Davenportinis, but he’s still looking to put his own stamp on the gig."
Fittingly, the trumpeter is now using Twitter to apprise fans of his comings and goings. Back here in his hometown, Davenport is the subject of a feature story by Calvin Wilson in this weekend's Post-Dispatch, which you can read online here. Davenport will be back in St. Louis over Thanksgiving weekend to perform at Jazz at the Bistro.

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