Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ronnie Laws concert at The Sheldon canceled

According to the Sheldon Concert Hall's Web site, the concert by saxophonist Ronnie Laws scheduled for this Wednesday, June 17, at the hall has been canceled. There's no reason given, nor any information about refunds for tickets already purchased.

The show was to have benefited the scholarship fund of the National Black MBA Association - St. Louis Chapter, but as of late Sunday night, there's nothing at all about the cancellation on their site. In fact, a search for "Ronnie Laws" using the site's own search feature yields no results at all, though a properly configured Google search reveals several documents pertaining to the benefit, including this flyer (.jpg), still residing on their servers.

One would hope the organization is contacting ticket buyers directly about refunds. But even if they are, the cancellation of the show with no reason given, followed by what looks like a deliberate scrubbing of their Web site, seems rather - well, "sleazy" is the first word that come to mind, but let's go with "unprofessional" instead. Ticket buyers and those who wanted to support the group's scholarship fund certainly would seem to deserve something more than no explanation at all.

Since this show was a rental of the facility rather than a Sheldon production, their communications staff may not know much more than what's already public, but yr. humble StLJN editor plans to make inquiries, and will update here if anything interesting turns up.

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