Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Riverfront Times announces
2009 Music Award nominees

The Riverfront Times has announced the slate of nominees for its 2009 Music Awards. The nominees this year in the "Best Jazz" category are tenor/soprano saxophonist Willie Akins, baritone saxophonist Hamiet Bluiett, singer Erin Bode, tenor saxophonist/multi-reedman Dave Stone, and singer Jeanne Trevor.

Some names familiar to StLJN readers popped up in other categories, too - both the Funky Butt Brass Band (pictured) and trombonist, producer and "low brass" man Lamar Harris were nominated in the "Best R&B" category, and singer Kim Massie is up for the "Lifetime Achivement" award.

The winners of the RFT Music Awards are determined by reader votes, and if past patterns hold true again this year, ballots should available in the print edition of the paper starting this week, and online soon after that.

The annual Music Awards Showcase, which features live performances from many of the nominees, is scheduled for Sunday, June 7 at various sites in and around the Delmar Loop neighborhood. Voting concludes that day, and the winners should be announced the following week. For the complete list of nominees in all categories, go here, and for an FAQ that explains, among other things, how nominees were selected, go here.

(Disclosure: Like all the freelance contributing writers for the Riverfront Times, yr. humble StLJN editor was asked to offer ideas on potential nominees to music editor Annie Zaleski, who was in charge of the final winnowing. I submitted a bunch of names in several categories; as usually happens, some were nominated, and some were not. )

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