Saturday, January 03, 2009

StLJN Saturday Video Showcase:
The Bad Plus play "Flim" and "Big Eater"

This week, we catch up once again with The Bad Plus, who will be returning to St. Louis to play Wednesday, January 7 through Saturday, January 10 at Jazz at the Bistro.

Today's first video, a version of the Aphex Twin composition "Flim" was recorded in May 2007 in Boulder, Colorado, and serves as a representative example of The Bad Plus' well-known penchant for transforming songs one usually not perceived as fertile material for a jazz treatment. The second clip is from a June 2007 show in Dam, The Netherlands, and starts out with a drum intro from Dave King before the band goes into the tune "Big Eater."

For more insight into The Bad Plus, take a look at their blog Do The Math, which features some smart and entertaining writing, mostly from pianist Ethan Iverson, about the band's influences and process, current music they enjoy, the state of jazz today, and various other topics.

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