Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Session: December 10, 2017

Sunny Murray
Here's the roundup of various music-related items of interest that have appeared in StLJN's inbox over the past week:

* Who can fill the role of Tom Lehrer today? (The Economist)
* Pete Escovedo: Rhythms of Life (Jazz Times)
* Paul McCartney’s Lost Experimental Christmas Album That He Made For The Beatles Has Surfaced Online (
* Spotify Attorney Estimates the Service Infringed 300,000 Songs in Settlement Hearing (SPIN)
* Why Sun Ra Matters (Philadephia Jazz Project)
* The Problem with Muzak - Spotify’s bid to remodel an industry (The Baffler)
* The Chief of Entertainers - Trumpet virtuoso Dizzy Gillespie was a jazz prophet, a musical genius, and a scatterbrained whirlwind (
* Electrifying Photos of Cuba's Thriving Music Scene (
* Louis Armstrong’s home in Queens is now a museum (
* Historic Austin Music Venue Is Being Sold on eBay (
* Lloyd Price's Personality: Long Live The Real King! (
* David Bowie Sang For Devo, and Mark Mothersbaugh Might Have the Tapes (
* How I Got 10,000 Spotify Plays For a Totally Fake Song (
* Was the Only Music Social Network That Made Sense (
* Jazz Legend Sonny Rollins on Retiring His Sax, His Legacy, and the Secret to Life (
* Quincy Jones is about to launch the 'Netflix of jazz' (
* Next Wave Forever: John Cale at Seventy-Five (The New Yorker)
* New Jimi Hendrix LP Unearths 10 Previously Unheard Recordings (Rolling Stone)
* Inside the Shady World of the Musical Hologram (
* The Legacy of Buddy Rich (Jazz Times)
* This Kenyan drummer is fighting to make more space for women in percussion (
* Eric Clapton Talks Addiction, Cream's Brilliance, the Future of the Guitar (Rolling Stone)
* RIP: Sunny Murray, pioneering free jazz drummer (
* Drummer Sunny Murray Dies at 81 (Jazz Times)
* Enacting Change in the Performing Arts World Begins with Changing the Conservatory Culture (
* David Sedaris: Songs for My Father - A conversation with the best-selling author and humorist on his lifelong love of jazz (Jazz Times)

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