Monday, April 13, 2015

Music Education Monday: John Abercrombie on jazz guitar improvisation

While guitarist John Abercrombie was in St. Louis last week to lead his quartet in a sold-out performance for the Jazz at Holmes series at Washington University, he and pianist Marc Copland also did an afternoon master class on the Wash U campus.

Fortunately for those who missed out, a while back Abercrombie (pictured) recorded an instructional video for Homespun Tapes about his concepts for jazz guitar improvisation. That video has found its way onto YouTube and can be seen in the first embedded window below.

Also, for more about Abercrombie's influences, career, musical philosophy, and more, check out the second embed, which contains an extended conversation between Abercrombie and Dr. David Schroeder of NYU, recorded last July at SubCulture in New York as part of the university's Steinhardt Jazz Interview Series.

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