Monday, November 24, 2014

Music Education Monday: Saxophonists speak out, and a musician's guide to copyright

This week for Music Education Monday, an overview of the laws protecting musicians' intellectual property, and two famous saxophonists raise questions about the current state of music education...

* Composers, arrangers and musicians should always protect themselves by copyrighting original works, but first, you have to understand how the law functions; what's protected and what's not; and what paperwork needs to be completed to register your authorship.

You can get an handy overview of all that and more via this tutorial about copyright written especially for musicians and composers and published by

* Meanwhile, in the spirit of "questioning our premises," here's a brief video featuring Gary Bartz wondering about how young jazz musicians are being educated these days, and a slightly older, more infamous clip from the documentary Before the Music Dies, in which Branford Marsalis has some rather harsh words for students who have an excessive sense of entitlement.

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