Saturday, April 24, 2010

StLJN turns five

Though it may be somewhat difficult to believe, it was five years ago today that St. Louis Jazz Notes first went online. If you subscribe to the notion that "Internet years" are the equivalent of "dog years," that makes this site roughly 35 years old. Either way, StLJN is one of the more long-lived outposts of the jazz blogosphere, and I'm glad to have made it this far.

Thanks once again to all the readers, commenters, musicians, music students and educators, presenters, club owners, publicists, tipsters, media people, record label employees and others who have taken an interest in the site over the years. I appreciate your time and attention, and hope to never take it for granted.

If you have any "birthday" wishes, or anything else vaguely related that you'd like to say, the comments are, as usual, open.


Jim Manley said...

Congrats Dean on 5 years!
Thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed on the Jazz in St. Louis

Dean Minderman said...

Thanks, Jim!