Sunday, November 09, 2008

Alton amphitheater almost
finished, but not yet named

Although work on the new outdoor amphitheater in Riverfront Park in Alton, Illinois is almost complete, a proposal to name it after legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis apparently has stalled, according to an article in Saturday's Alton Telegraph:
"In recent months, there was a drive by some people to have the city name the amphitheater after the late jazz musician (Miles) Davis, who was born in Alton. Publicity about that idea spawned other people to suggest other names, from tying it in to the Mississippi River to various Alton office-holders of the past. Corporate representatives from a grocery store chain also inquired about buying rights, so the facility could carry its name."
The story also quotes Phil Roggio, Alton director of development and housing, as saying, "I don't care what they call it; I just want to get it built." Work is expected to be completed in December, the article said.

Even if the new facility ends up not being named after Davis, the story notes that he could end up being recognized at the site in another way, as the "steering committee for the annual Miles Davis Jazz Celebration also has talked to city officials about holding their event at the amphitheater next May."


Lisa Bailey said...

I like the idea of naming after Miles Davis. It would lend it some credibility as a true artists venue.

Anonymous said...

I think naming Alton amphitheater after Miles Davis is a wonderfull and smart idea. It will put it on the map as a true musical place for other great musicains to play at.It will also keep the name of the theater from changing from time to time like other venues around St.Louis do every few years.