Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rounding up the "Best of 2007" lists

Once again this year, and for pretty much the same reasons I cited last year, I'm declining the opportunity to post a personal "best jazz of the year" list. However, for those who like that sort of thing - and judging by the hits a similar post garnered at the end of 2006, there are quite a few of you - here's a roundup of links to a bunch of other year-end "best of 2007" jazz lists available on the Web:

* PopMatters best jazz of 2007
* reader forum thread on the best jazz of 2007
* Organissimo reader forum thread on the best jazz of 2007
*'s best jazz of 2007, part 1 (new releases) and part 2 (reissues)
* Boston Globe's best jazz of 2007
* Best jazz of 2007 lists from 35 members of the Jazz Journalists Association
(Scroll down for links to individual lists)

* Fred Kaplan's best jazz of 2007 list for Slate, plus his bonus lists for his blog at Stereophile
* NPR's best jazz of 2007
* NPR's best jazz box sets of 2007
* USA Today's best box sets of 2007 (covers multiple genres, including jazz)
* Rhapsody's best jazz of 2007
* Destination: Out's best of 2007
*'s best jazz recordings and best jazz box sets of 2007
* J.D. Considine'a best jazz of 2007 list for the Toronto Globe and Mail
* Howard Mandel's favorite jazz recordings of 2007, and his list of the year's noteworthy jazz events
* San Jose Mercury News' best jazz releases of 2007
* Another NPR best jazz of 2007 list, via Seattle's KPLU
* Philadelphia critic Stephen Adler's best jazz of 2007
* San Diego Union Tribune best jazz of 2007
* Hour (Canadian entertainment website) picks the best jazz of 2007
* San Francisco Chronicle's best records of 2007 (multiple genres, including some jazz releases)

Please feel free to use the comments to 1) post links to any other year-end jazz lists you've found that aren't listed here; or 2) tell the world about your own favorite jazz releases of 2007.

UPDATE - 1/6/08, 1:00p.m.: More "Best of 2007" lists here.

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