Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sunday Session: May 6, 2018

Dave Holland
Here's a roundup of various music-related items of interest that have shown up in one of StLJN's various inboxes or feeds over the past week:

* No, Streaming Services Are Not 'Saving The Music Industry' (
* Electricity: Conversations With Captain Beefheart (KCRW)
* Photos: Fats Domino's legacy enshrined with jazz funeral, totem unveiling at 2018 Jazz Fest (New Orleans Advocate)
* 50 years ago, a piano was dropped from a helicopter near Seattle: Here's what happened (KIRO)
* John Zorn’s Done With His Masada Project. So, What’s Next? (The Forward)
* Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica (
* Has Kansas City given the American Jazz Museum a fair shot at success? (Kansas City Star)
* On Music and Activism (
* Jazz improv and your brain: The key to creativity? (CNN)
* Chick Corea On World Cafe (NPR)
* Tropicália: 5 Essential Albums That Defined Tropicalismo (
* School Days: Jazz All-Stars Remember CAPA (Jazz Times)
* More music is played on YouTube than on Spotify, Apple Music and every other audio streaming platform combined (
* Gibson Guitar Maker Files for Bankruptcy Protection (Billboard)
* Delmark Records founder sells label to Chicago musicians Julia A. Miller and Elbio Barilari (Chicago Tribune)
* A Map To The Line, And How Not To Cross It: A Code Of Conduct For The Performing Arts (NPR)
* Photos: 2018 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Times)
* Before & After with Bill Laswell (Jazz Times)
* James Brown Drummer John 'Jabo' Starks Dead at 79 (Rolling Stone)
* When Critics Could Kill (Slate)
* In Russia, International Jazz Day Reaches Across Borders (DownBeat)
* Dave Holland: A Seasoned Explorer Sails into Uncharted Territories (
* A Word with Award-Winning Jazz Bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma (WRTI)
* When America's hottest jazz stars were sent to cool cold-war tensions (The Guardian)
* Folkways - 70 Years, 70 Stories 1948-2018 (Smithsonian Institution)
* New Orleans Jazz Fest 2018: The 7 Best Things We Saw (Rolling Stone)
* All 214 Artists in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Ranked From Best to Worst (
* The secret life of a music director (Washington Post)
* Thomas Morgan: The Universal Answer (Jazz Times)
* We asked musicians why guitar companies like Gibson are struggling and how to revive them (
* Orchestral musicians 'living on breadline' (BBC)

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