Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday Session: May 27, 2018

Bennie Maupin
Here's a roundup of various music-related items of interest that have shown up in one of StLJN's various inboxes or feeds over the past week:

* Bird's just a word but if you own a jazz bar it can land you in strife (The Age)
* How the Music Industry Messed Up Legal Streaming the First Time Around (
* It’s OK To Like Free Jazz (
* Flow is Everything: Composer Henry Threadgill Dishes the 'Dirt' and More on The Checkout (WBGO)
* 'We Kept The Music Going': Bernard Purdie On Drumming For Aretha And More (NPR)
* ‘There will be a number one song that’s 100% AI-written’ (
* Carla Bley Extravaganza (
* Frank Vignola: Given the Gift of Life (Jazz Times)
* Bennie Maupin Said No to Miles Davis and Survived in Jazz (Westword)
* Reggie Lucas, Guitarist And Producer Of Madonna's Debut, Has Died (WBGO)
* How did music become so unimportant? (
* Jazz musician Wynton Marsalis says rap and hip-hop are ‘more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee’ (Washington Post)
* Jazz Musician Wynton Marsalis Claims Hip Hop Is "More Damaging Than A Statue Of Robert E. Lee" (
* The Beatles' Esher Demos: The Lost Basement Tapes That Became the White Album (Rolling Stone)
* The 50 Best Jazz Bassists Of All Time (
* Sony in $2.3 billion deal for EMI, becomes world's biggest music publisher (
* Dissonant Intervals & Bittersweet Symphonies: Music’s Past, Present & Future (
* Guitars Are Getting More Popular. So Why Do We Think They’re Dying? (Rolling Stone)
* Looking Back, and Now Forward, As Delmark Records Faces a Crossroads (WBGO)
* Why Are Pop Stars Trying to Be Performance Artists? (The New Yorker)
* Recording Academy CEO Neil Portnow Accused by Fired Staffer of Funneling Funds From MusiCares Charity (Billboard)
* Bach at the Burger King (Los Angeles Review of Books)
* The Father of Gospel Music Wanted to Be a Secular Star (Christianity Today)
* What's That Building? The Sunset Cafe Mural (WBEZ)
* Letter From Saint Petersburg - In 2018, International Jazz Day brings the beyond-politics cultural diplomacy of the U.N. to Russia (Jazz Times)

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