Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Session: July 31, 2016

Johnny Hodges
Some interesting music-related items that have landed in StLJN's inbox over the past week:

* Jane Monheit: Beyond Ella (Los Angeles Review of Books)
* Live: Famoudou Don Moye & Hartmut Geerken - A historic free-improv set in Berlin (Jazz Times)
* The Linguistics of My Next Band Name (
* Why is new classical music left to wither and die? (The Telegraph UK)
* New Ensembles, Inspired Pairings Animate Umbria Jazz Fest (DownBeat)
* Johnny Hodges - The Timeless Artistry of a Great Ellingtonian (New England Public Radio)
* Record Labels Need a Change of Culture in the ‘Dashboard Era’ of the Music Industry (
* The mystery of the phantom Billboard hit, “Ready ‘N’ Steady,” is finally solved (AV Club)
* Pitchfork Fest, a Bastion of Rock and Pop, Opens Doors to Jazz (DownBeat)
* Dave Douglas review – jolting backbeats and hip-hop highjinks (The Guardian UK)
* Born to Be Blue: Ethan Hawke on the fast life and mysterious death of Chet Baker (The Guardian UK)
* Inside The Playlist Factory (
* Free-Improv Players Soar During Astral Spirits Showcase (DownBeat)
* Why Beijing Is (Still) A Great City For Jazz Music (Forbes)
* How Being a Music Journalist Made Me Wind Up in a Psychiatric Hospital (
* Charles Davis obituary (The Guardian UK)
* Rock, racism and rebel music: 1970s Britain through a photographer’s lens (
* Brian Eno Explains the Loss of Humanity in Modern Music (
* Remembering Marni Nixon, the Invisible Voice of ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘West Side Story,’ and ‘The King and I’ (The Daily Beast)
* The leading manufacturer of music boxes for ice cream trucks calls Minnesota home (
* THE BLURT JAZZ DESK: Sonny Rollins (
* Carla Bley: Shoe Leather, Mystery & Moxie (
* Behind the Lens: A Deep Dive into the New Frank Zappa Doc ‘Eat That Question’ (
* How the pop video got weird again (The Guardian UK)
* David Bowie’s Blackstar Band Announces New Album, Shares “A Small Plot of Land” Cover (Pitchfork)
* This 1960 Jazz Film Shaped Concert Documentaries as We Know Them (

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