Sunday, May 08, 2016

Sunday Session: May 8, 2016

Alice Coltrane
Some interesting music-related items that have landed in StLJN's inbox over the past week:

* Despite recognition, jazz sax player Steve Coleman finds respite in Allentown (Allentown Morning Call)
* Founding Fathers, A Documentary Narrated By Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Presents the True History of Hip Hop (
* Architecture and explosion: Cecil Taylor, the composer (Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches)
* A conversation with Wayne Shorter, jazz’s patron bodhisattva (
* How to Sound Check the World’s Most Powerful Rocket (
* 2016 Ertegun Hall of Fame Voting Ballot (Jazz at Lincoln Center)
* Jazz Fest Day 7: Dancing Across the Water (Offbeat)
* New York Is Killing Me: Albert Ayler’s Life and Death in the Jazz Capital (
* Why Jazz Musicians Can Be The Biggest Jerks (
* Field Notes: Jazz at the White House - The Obamas host jazz greats to celebrate International Jazz Day (Jazz Times)
* Prince versus the internet: The love-hate relationship that predicted the future (
* Kamasi Washington on the Pressures of Being Called Jazz's Savior (Esquire)
* The 30 best jazz films (The Telegraph UK)
* Why the Death of Greatest Hits Albums and Reissues Is Worth Mourning (
* Radiohead erases internet presence – is it a cryptic message? (The Guardian UK)
* At 83, Bob Koester opens his newest record store (and how it compares to Jazz Record Mart) (Chicago Tribune)
* More Photos from the 2016 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest (DownBeat)
* Little Richard Denies Near-Death Rumors: 'I'm Still Singing' (Rolling Stone)
* Soul Survivor - The revival and hidden treasure of Aretha Franklin (The New Yorker)
* We should celebrate greats like Sly Stone while they're still with us (The Guardian UK)
* Spirits Loom Large at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest (DownBeat)
* Gorillas make up ‘little food songs’ while they eat: Listen to them here (
* Universal Consciousness: The Spiritual Awakening of Alice Coltrane (
* Red’s Bells (Do The Math)
* Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously. (
* Cuneiform Records – Thirty-plus Years of Essential Listening (Goldmine)
* Why Jazz Will Always Be Relevant (
* Memes, MP3s and the explosion of album art (The Guardian UK)
* Wadada Leo Smith and Don Cheadle to Receive Honorary Degrees From CalArts - Awards to be given out May 13 (Jazz Times)
* Anthony Braxton: Ghost Trance Music - Mapping the Systems of the Jazz Musician’s Sound (
* How to Pick Music for People on LSD, From a Scientist Whose Job That Is (

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