Monday, May 30, 2016

Music Education Monday: Tips on developing solo ideas from organist Eddie Landsberg

When organist Eddie Landsberg was mentioned here a few months back as part of a pair of posts collecting info of interest to beginning B-3 players, it was noted that he's got a YouTube channel that features a number of instructional videos.

Today's installment of Music Education Monday spotlights a couple of those videos, in which Landsberg (pictured) talks through how he develops solo ideas, using the standards "Stella By Starlight" and "Softly as A Morning Sunrise" as examples. While some of the specifics of what he's playing may pertain exclusively to the organ, many of the ideas and concepts being discussed could be applied to any instrument.

As a bonus, after the jump there's a third video, in which Landsberg uses Charlie Parker's "Ornithology" as the delivery vehicle for some tips on how to play bebop melodies and solo lines with bass accompaniment.

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