Monday, April 04, 2016

Miles on Monday: Rounding up coverage
of the opening weekend of Miles Ahead

This week's Miles Davis news is pretty much all about Don Cheadle's film Miles Ahead, the fictionalized look at Davis' life that opened to much anticipation this weekend in New York and Los Angeles.

The movie will begin its run in St. Louis on Friday, April 22 at the AMC Creve Coeur 12 and the Tivoli. In the meantime, Miles Ahead has inspired a volume of media coverage rarely seen for any sort of jazz-related event, and that's included some nice publicity for trumpeter Keyon Harrold (pictured), the St. Louis native who performs on the film's soundtrack and is featured in the very first article linked below.

While this post isn't guaranteed to contain links to absolutely all of the Miles Ahead coverage published over the past week, there should be plenty to keep all but the most fanatical of readers busy for a little while. Here's what we've found, grouped once again roughly by topic:

About the music
* Meet The Ferguson-Raised Trumpet Player Behind Don Cheadle In Miles Ahead (
* A Few Feet of Miles: A Beginner's Guide to Miles Davis (Billboard)
* A Guide to 1980s Miles Davis (
* Albumism Presents: Four Ways to Listen to Miles Davis (
* Glasper Reimagines Miles Davis Classics on New Album Due May 27 (DownBeat)
* Jazz Pianist Robert Glasper and the Foreign Exchange's Phonte Salute Miles Davis with "Violets" (

Reviews of the film
* Review: ‘Miles Ahead,’ an Impressionistic Take on Miles Davis (New York Times)
* Cheadle’s ‘Miles Ahead’ Hits Bum Notes but Still Swings (Village Voice)
* "Miles Ahead" Reviewed: Miles Misguided - A bizarre action-movie narrative derails Don Cheadle’s long-anticipated jazz flick (Jazz Times)
* Birth of the Uncool - Miles Ahead captures the spirit and genius of the trumpeter Miles Davis in part by setting aside his legendary glamor (The Atlantic)
* ‘Miles Ahead’ Review: Cheadle Turns Miles Davis’ Life into Freeform Jazz (The Wrap)
* Miles Ahead \\ Film Review (
* Review: Miles Ahead, the movie (Jazz Journal UK)
* Movie Review: ‘Miles Ahead’ Jazzes Up the Music Biopic (
* Richard Linklater's Raucous College Party, Don Cheadle as Miles Davis, and Two Indie Genre Knockouts (
* Two Films, Both Kind of Blue (Wall Street Journal)
* Sketches of Pain - Why can’t movies about jazz greats get what makes jazz great? (
* Movie review: ‘Miles Ahead’ features Don Cheadle dominating as famous jazzman (New York Daily News)
* When Is A Biopic Not A Biopic? When Don Cheadle Meets Miles Davis (NPR)
* Kind of Clichéd: How the Miles Davis Movie Could Have Been Better (The New Yorker)
* Review: Don Cheadle's 'Miles Ahead' Pays Tribute to Miles Davis While Playing Loose with the Facts (Forbes)
* 'Miles Ahead,' Don Cheadle's valentine to jazz and Miles Davis, hits a few strange notes (Los Angeles Times)
* Review: MILES AHEAD, Cool Attitude Prevails In Don Cheadle's Unconventional Miles Davis Biopic (
* Experimental biopic about Miles Davis (Shanghai Daily)
* Film Review: Miles Ahead - Don Cheadle's passion project is full of love and complication (
* Miles Mangled: Don Cheadle Desecrates the Memory of Legendary Jazz Trumpeter (

Interviews and features
* Don Cheadle Narrates A Scene From 'Miles Ahead' (New York Times)
* Don Cheadle on playing the drug-addled Miles Davis in “Miles Ahead,” and the toxic costs of Hollywood racism (
* Meet the Miles Davis heirs who keep his work alive and made 'Miles Ahead' (Southern California Public Radio)
* Don Cheadle wanted film ‘Miles Ahead’ to be ‘innovative,’ ‘kind of gangster’ (Today)
* Exclusive Video Interview: Ewan McGregor Talks Miles Ahead (
* Don Cheadle's "Miles Ahead" Defies Convention (
* ‘Miles Ahead’ Premiere: Don Cheadle, Regina King, Dr. Dre, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Ealy, & More (
* Stars Attend Miles Davis Biopic Premiere (
* ‘Miles Ahead’ Star Don Cheadle On His Anti-Biopic, the Cautionary Tale of ‘Walk Hard’ and the Future of ‘Captain Planet’ (Yahoo)
* Don Cheadle Learned Miles Davis’ Solos for “Miles Ahead” (SiriusXM/
* A Conversation with Don Cheadle (SXSW Film 2016/
* Don Cheadle's Miles Davis: The Latest 'Badass' Black Man On Screen (NPR)
* ‘It has to be hot. It has to be creative’: Don Cheadle on his 10-year quest to play Miles Davis (The Guardian UK)
* Don Cheadle channels Miles Davis to make directorial debut (Seattle Times)
* Don Cheadle Learned Trumpet for Miles Davis Movie (ABC)
* Don Cheadle never 'shut it down' like Miles Davis (USA Today)
* 'Miles Ahead' plumbs mute years of jazz icon Miles Davis (Reuters)
* Jazz Legend Miles Davis Had An Amazing Supercar Collection (Maxim)
* Five Exotic Sports Cars Owned by Miles Davis (Robb Report)
* Miles Davis, Chet Baker Biopics Shrug Off ‘Greatest Hits’ Formula (Variety)
* Miles Davis’ son recalls the Fonzie doll his dad gave him (New York Post)
* Style Lessons From Miles Davis and Cicely Tyson, the King and Queen of Cool (Vogue)
* Don Cheadle Brews Miles Davis Pic; Richard Linklater Loves The ’80s – Specialty Preview (
* Don Cheadle Q&A: How He Convinced Miles Davis' Family to Make a Non-Traditional Biopic (
* Don Cheadle plays his lifelong hero, Miles Davis (San Francisco Chronicle)
* In portraying jazzman Miles Davis, Don Cheadle took his cues from his subject (Washington Post)
* Don Cheadle Brings Miles Davis Back to Life (WNYC)
* Roberto Schaefer Mixes Formats for Miles Davis “Fever Dream” (
* Don Cheadle: 'I Don't Think the Miles Davis Story Is a Black Story' (BET)
* Don Cheadle Says He Was a ‘Nervous Wreck’ Making Miles Davis Biopic (Essence)
* Emayatzy Corinealdi on Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic, ‘Roots’ Remake (Women's Wear Daily)
* What Does Miles Davis' Family Think Of 'Miles Ahead'? The Don Cheadle Film Has Sparked A Big Reaction (
* Don Cheadle Channels Miles Davis (
* Why should we care about Miles Davis? Thoughts about the man, new biopic, live tribute (
* 'Follow Your Instinct': Don Cheadle captures the restless rhythms of Miles Davis (

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