Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Session: December 13, 2015

George Duke
For your Sunday reading, some interesting music-related items that have turned up recently in StlJN's inbox:

* Oscar Peterson To Be Honored with New Box Set, Concert, Reproducing Piano (Down Beat)
* Need Music For A Video? Jukedeck’s AI Composer Makes Cheap, Custom Soundtracks (
* Bagels And Bongos: The Jewish-Latin Music Connection (Houston Public Media)
* A Photojournalist’s Most Prolific Period, Set to Jazz (Newsweek)
* Four Women: The Enduring Influence of Nina Simone (Jazz Times)
* Ringo Starr's Personal 'White Album' Sells for World Record $790,000 (Rolling Stone)
* Ten things I learned as a tour manager (London Jazz News)
* What Data Tells us about the 2015-16 Orchestra Season (Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
* Turmoil in the Weird Karaoke Market (
* How Casio accidentally started reggae's digital revolution (
* The Velvet Underground in California (The New Yorker)
* The man behind the “Hamilton” sound: Hidden Beatles references, the “hip-hop horse” sample and why if “it’s all computerized, there’s no heart to it” (
* Scofield, Schneider, Alexander Nominated for Grammy Awards (Down Beat)
* It’s Jazz, Charlie Brown: The Vince Guaraldi Story (WFIU)
* 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' at 50: The Making of a Classic Soundtrack (Rolling Stone)
* Box Set Review: George Duke — The Era Will Prevail (Part One) (
* The business of the blues isn't what it once was (
* Fourplay Celebrates Twenty-Five Years Together (DownBeat)
* 10 ways that Frank Sinatra changed the world (USA Today)
* Walk-Up Revolution: Royce Clayton's Pitch to Change MLB At-Bat Music (Rolling Stone)
* When Are People Going To Stop Proclaiming The Death of the CD? (

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