Monday, November 09, 2015

Miles on Monday: Inside looks from two participants in Miles Ahead, and more

This week in Miles Davis news:

* Indianapolis bassist Brandon Meeks, who played bassist Ron Carter in Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle's upcoming movie about Davis, was interviewed on radio station WFYI about his role in the film. Meeks (pictured) also wrote about his experiences making the movie on his own website.

* Meanwhile, a brief article in Variety highlighted the contributions of hairstylist Camille Friend to Miles Ahead (and to Quentin Tarantino's new western The Hateful Eight).

* In a post on, Davis' nephew Vince Wilburn paid tribute to the late saxophonist, arranger and bandleader Bob Belden, who arranged and produced the tribute albums Miles from India and Miles Español and supervised box-set reissues of a number of Davis' recordings. Belden died of a heart attack at age 58 in May of this year.

* Speaking of Miles from India, it's just one of the recordings on the list of "The Most Interesting Miles Davis Tribute Albums" published last week by the website

* The Quietus noted the 40th anniversary of the release of Nasty Gal, the third and final album recorded by singer Betty Davis, who was briefly married to Miles Davis in the late 1960s.

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