Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Session: July 12, 2015

Miguel Zenón
For your Sunday reading, here are some interesting music-related items that have hit StLJN's inbox over the past week:

* Facebook Is Negotiating Music Video Licensing With Major Labels. (Digital Music News)
* Paul McCartney Opens Up About Lennon, Yoko, and More (Esquire)
* Here’s What Apple Music Looks Like to Artists (Create Digital Music)
* Zenón Spotlights Identities Project at Chicago’s Jazz Showcase (DownBeat)
* The Wall of Sound (
* Sonifying the world (Aeon)
* The Anxious Ease of Apple Music (The New Yorker)
* The Finger’s on the Self-Destruct Button - The Ugly Truth about Apple, Google, Spotify, and the Rest of the Music Streaming Universe (
* SESAC to Buy HFA (New Music Box)
* SubCulture in New York Cancels Much of Its Schedule (New York Times)
* Rdio bets big on curation with new label and influencer radio station (Venture Beat)
* Why the AACM and AfriCOBRA still matter (Chicago Reader)
* I’m An Independent Artist And Apple Music Screwed Up My Entire Discography (Digital Music News)
* Masters Behind the Mix: A Behind the Scenes Glimpse Into Music Making With Audio Engineer Jim Anderson (Atlantic Records)
* This Is What 70 Years of Computing Sounds Like (
* Violinist Kevin Yu Invents a High-Tech Tux Shirt (
* Why We’ll Never Have an Iconic Record Cover Like ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Again (
* Statistical universals reveal the structures and functions of human music (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)
* The Power of Creation in an Age of Destruction (New Music Box)
* Glasper, Valdés Joyfully Explore Diverse Material in San Francisco (DownBeat)
* Sony Music Tells Court It's Not Their Job To Make Artists Money (
* Did Rock and Roll Pacify America? (The Atlantic)

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