Monday, June 01, 2015

Miles on Monday: An update from the Miles Davis Memorial Project, vinyl reissue news, and more

This week for "Miles on Monday," another progress report from the Miles Davis Memorial Project, plus some other recent Davis-related news: 

* A new version of the official Miles Davis website, revamped in both appearance and content, debuted last week with "stunning photos, special sections curated by the Miles Davis estate, and many other new features."

* In honor of Davis' birthday last Tuesday and the upcoming release of a box set of his performances from the Newport Jazz Festival, NPR featured a free audio stream of a live version of Davis' quintet playing "Gingerbread Boy," recorded at the 1967 Newport fest.

* Davis' 1986 album Tutu is being reissued on 180 gram vinyl by Rhino Records. The two-LP set (pictured) includes the original album, plus a second disc recorded live in 1986 in Nice, France.

* Victor Svorinich's recent book Listen To This: Miles Davis And Bitches Brew, which takes a highly detailed look at one of Davis' most famous and influential albums, was reviewed by's Ian Patterson.

* A post on the website of the Royal Albert Hall in London highlights some of Davis' paintings and drawings that will be included in the show of his visual art this month at the RAH. The exhibit also was previewed by the British magazine Jazz Journal.

* Meanwhile, Davis' status as an icon of fashion and style was celebrated with a photo essay on the website of Bevel, a maker of men's shaving products.

* The latest from the Miles Davis Memorial Project is that they're on schedule for the unveiling of the statue of Davis in downtown Alton on Saturday, September 12.  Workers have finished pouring the concrete walkways and footings; the pedestal where the statue of Davis will stand has been placed; and the site is ready for the laying of the personalized commemorative bricks and blocks purchased by the project's supporters.

After the jump, you can see a couple of recent pictures from the site...

Concrete work has been completed on the site of the Miles Davis Memorial Project in downtown Alton, IL. This view is from the Third St. side.

A closer look at the pedestal that will support the statue of Davis. Photos courtesy of Ken Whiteside of the Miles Davis Memorial Project committee.

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