Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Session: May 10, 2015

Wes Montgomery
For your Sunday reading, some interesting music-related items that have hit StLJN's inbox over the past week:

* In music today, it’s all or nothing – rich at the top or languishing forlornly at the bottom (The New Statesman)
* 40 favorite photos from the 2015 New Orleans Jazz Fest (New Orleans Times-Picayune)
* A New Jazz Suite For Head, Shoulders. Knees, And Toes (NPR)
* 'Buena Vista Social Club' Documentary Sequel Begins Filming This Summer (Rolling Stone)
* AACM Members Unite in Chicago To Celebrate 50th Anniversary (DownBeat)
* Mazzy Star Batman (Paris Review)
* Long-Unheard Harlem Renaissance Opera Coming in June (New York Times)
* "Jazz detective" Zev Feldman talks brand new Wes Montgomery release (NUVO News)
* Solos Under Siege: Country Radio Combats 'Bored' Listeners By Cutting Guitar Parts (Billboard)
* 'Has It Come To This?': A Rational Conversation About Music In Museums (NPR)
* The Most Popular Keys of All Music on Spotify (Spotify)
* Study: New Music Discovery Stops at Age 33 (The Takeaway)
* Is B.B. King Being Held Hostage by His Manager? (The Daily Beast)
* Pressed to the Edge: Why vinyl hype is destroying the record (Fact)
* The Birth of Loop (Prepared Guitar)
* Did a Jazzman Bilk Big Easy’s Libraries? (The Daily Beast)

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