Monday, April 06, 2015

Miles on Monday: Miles Davis Memorial Project breaks ground, and more

If it's the start of another working week, it must be time to compile the latest Miles Davis-related news items:

* In what conceivably could be described - provided that you enjoy puns as much as we do - as a milestone for the endeavor, the Miles Davis Memorial Project has broken ground on the site in downtown Alton, IL that soon will serve as home to a statue of the legendary trumpeter (artist's conception, pictured).

An article with photos of the groundbreaking in says the project committee has raised $100,000 to date through donations and the sale of commemorative inscribed bricks and granite blocks, and hopes to raise another $20,000 to enable sculptor Preston Jackson to complete his work.

* Meanwhile, Universal Music Group has announced that 26 tracks that Davis recorded for Blue Note, originally issued on 10" records in the 1950s, will be compiled on a new Blu-ray Audio reissue, Take Off: The Complete Blue Note Albums (1951-53).

* Trumpeter Terence Blanchard and the LA Philharmonic's performance last of music from Davis' collaborations with arranger-composer Gil Evans prompted "multiple standing ovations," according to a report from You can read Blanchard's thoughts from before the show in this interview with LA magazine.

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