Monday, December 01, 2014

Music Education Monday:
Monk's advice and Bishop's fourths

For this installment of Music Education Monday, we've got some wisdom from two piano masters who got their start in the bebop era.

First, there's some advice from the legendary Thelonious Monk on music in general, arranging, gigging practices, and more, as transcribed in 1960 by saxophonist Steve Lacy. (Click the photo to enlarge, or follow the link above for a full text transcription)

Down below, you'll find a couple of videos in which pianist Walter Bishop, Jr. explains and demonstrates his theory of fourths, and discusses and demonstrates comping and chord voicings.

Bishop (1927-1998) was a contemporary of Monk's who performed and recorded with Miles Davis, Clark Terry, Art Blakey, Charlie Parker, Oscar Pettiford, Kai Winding, Jackie McLean, Curtis Fuller, Terry Gibbs, Blue Mitchell, Supersax, and numerous others. He also taught music at several colleges and universities, and wrote a book, A Study in Fourths, about jazz improvisation based on cycles of fourths and fifths.

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