Monday, November 17, 2014

Music Education Monday: "Visual Reference for Musicians" & "Cymbals 101"

Because everyone likes a sweet infographic, for this week's Music Education Monday we'd like to direct your attention to "Visual Reference for Musicians," created by NYC guitarist Miles Okazaki as "a collection of visualizations for organizing pitch and rhythmic information" including "352 pitch collections, 1,211 rhythmic modes, 505 rhythmic cells, various pitch space maps." Even if many of the ideas contained therein are intended for advanced students and pros, it's worth a look just for the presentation.

And if you've ever wanted to know what makes cymbals sound the way they do, watch the video "Cymbals 101" in the embedded window below. Produced by the Avedis Zildjian Company, the presentation by Zildjian's director of research and design/quality Paul Francis understandably emphasizes the company's products, but there's still plenty of interesting general info about how cymbal design affects overall pitch, volume, and sustain.

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