Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Site news: St. Louis jazz videos wanted,
plus a Twitter list update

A couple of items of interest to the local musicians among StLJN's readers:

* Do you or your band have live performance videos up on YouTube or Vimeo? StLJN is looking for clips from working St. Louis jazz musicians and groups to include in upcoming editions of the weekly Saturday Video Showcase posts.

As was the case last July and August, the plan is to do some posts over the next few weekends highlighting local musicians and bands, loosely organized around themes such as female singers, saxophonists, big bands, guitarists, or similar.

I haven't locked in to any particular theme ideas yet, but will be scouring YouTube in the coming weeks, looking for clips to include, while also awaiting your suggestions.

Videos don't have to be professionally or elaborately produced, but they do have to be in an embeddable format (i.e., publicly available on YouTube, Vimeo or a similar service) and include reasonably clear visuals and good quality audio of a complete performance of a song or songs.

It's an easy way to get your music in front of thousands of readers around the world who are looking for information about jazz in St. Louis. To submit your video for consideration, you can comment on this post or on the equivalent item on the STLJN Facebook page; Tweet your info to @StLJazzNotes; or send an email to stljazznotes dot com.

* And as long as we've mentioned Twitter, be advised that the St. Louis jazz Twitter list now includes more than 50 feeds from St. Louis musicians, venues and presenters. The latest Tweets from the list (at https://twitter.com/StLJazzNotes/stlouisjazzlist) are now being featured in a widget on the left sidebar of the main StLJN site.

If you're a St. Louis musician, venue, presenter or otherwise affiliated with the local jazz scene, and would like to be added to the list, you can Tweet your info to @StLJazzNotes, comment here or on Facebook, or send an email with your Twitter handle.

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