Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Dead Kenny Gs to perform
Saturday, May 26 at 2720 Cherokee

The "experimental punk jazz trio" The Dead Kenny Gs (pictured) are coming to St. Louis to perform at 9:00 p.m. Saturday, May 26 at 2720 Cherokee.

According to their official bio, saxophonist and keyboardist Skerik, bassist/baritone saxophonist Brad Houser, and drummer and percussionist Mike Dillon are "committed to musical subversion of the highest order." The New York Times said they "pinball between styles: Afro-pop, Balkan, Klezmer, pocket funk lashed to Middle Eastern modality."

You can hear a sample track, "Black Truman (Harry The Hottentot)" in the embededded audio player below. Tickets for The Dead Kenny Gs at 2720 Cherokee are $10 at the door.

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