Sunday, February 19, 2012

StLJN Audio Archive:
Oliver Nelson and the Berlin Dreamband - Berlin Dialogue For Orchestra

For today's Audio Archive post, we revisit an out-of-print session by saxophonist, arranger and composer Oliver Nelson. Berlin Dialogue for Orchestra originally came out in 1971 on the long defunct Flying Dutchman label, and has been preserved online thanks to the music sharing blog Flying Dutchman Records (which, as the name suggests, is devoted expressly to collecting all of that particular label's output).

The album (pictured) features two extended suites, "Berlin Dialogue for Orchestra" and "Impressions of Berlin," that Nelson wrote on commission specifically for the Berlin Dreamband. The group was comprised mostly of German musicians, along with Nelson and, on this occasion, three other Americans: trumpeter Carmell Jones, trombonist Slide Hampton and alto saxophonist Leo Wright.

To download a free copy, go to this post, scroll down and look for the links labeled "MP3 @320k or FLAC." Click on the link of your choice, and it'll take you to the download page for that format. (For more information about .rar files and how to use them, go here.)

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Paul Brigg said...

I'm a big fan of ON, and would love to get a copy of this album in FLAC -- but the Flying Dutchman blog seems to be invite-only -- how can I get in?

Dean Minderman said...

The Flying Dutchman blog went private sometime between when this was posted (3 years ago) and now, and I don't know the blog owner, so I can't help you there.

I may be able help you get a copy of the album, though. If you're interested, email me at stljazznotes at yahoo dot com.