Friday, October 22, 2010

So What: Local News, Notes & Links

Here's the latest wrap-up of links and short local news items of interest that you may have missed:

* Pianist Peter Martin has added singer Erin Bode (pictured) and bassist Chris Thomas to the lineup for his concert with guitarist Romero Lubambo on December 4 at the Sheldon.

* Jazz St. Louis offers some pictures on their Facebook page of guitarist Russell Malone's Wednesday night performance at Jazz at the Bistro. (You don't have to be logged in to Facebook to view the photos.) Malone, who continues at the club through tomorrow night, also appeared today on the morning news program at local FOX affiliate KTVI (Channel 2).

* Local music journalist, KDHX DJ and record-store-guy Steve Pick has a review of Jazz Matters, a new book by Donald Ake, now up at Blurt Online.

*The Riverfront Times' Diane Benanti previews this weekend's Noise Fest at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center.

* The Post-Dispatch's Kevin Johnson writes that The Jazz Spot - which, despite its name, hardly ever programmed any actual jazz music - has closed, yielding the space at 400 Washington Ave. to a dance club called Love.

* More than a year after switching from mostly local programming to syndicated fare, radio station WSIE (88.7 FM) has revamped their website. A blog post on the new site offers an update on current happenings at the station, and indicates that more changes are in the works, including the potential return of programs with local content. For those interested in keeping up with the latest developments, WSIE also has set up a Facebook Fan page and Twitter feed.

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