Friday, February 19, 2010

Petitioners challenging KFUO
sale file a "supplement" with FCC

The Committee to Save KFUO-FM has filed a "supplement" to its petition to the Federal Communications Commission, alleging that KFUO's current owners, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, have been less than truthful in their handling of the sale. The Post-Dispatch's Sarah Bryan Miller has the story in a Culture Club blog post here.

For anyone who's just coming in: The sale is controversial because KFUO is the only St. Louis radio station that features classical music, and the potential new owners want to change to another format. StLJN has been following the story because the station also is home to Don Wolff's program "I Love Jazz," which airs on Friday nights. (To see more on the subject, click on the "KFUO" tag at the end of this post.)

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