Saturday, April 18, 2009

StLJN Saturday Video Showcase:
Introducing the Off-Topic Collective

This week, we've got some video featuring the Off-Topic Collective, a relatively new group on the St. Louis scene. OTC is a free improv/experimental quartet that includes veteran local musicians Dave Stone (reeds), Jim Hegarty (piano and synth), Willem von Hombracht (bass) and Henry Claude (percussion).

Their most recent performance was in February at a show presented by New Music Circle at the Kranzberg Arts Center in St. Louis. You can see three excerpts from that concert here, starting with the ending of the first half of the concert in the embedded video window above. Down below, you'll see the opening of the second half of the concert, and then a drum solo by Henry Claude. For more about Off Topic Collective, visit Hegarty's Web site or

(Edited 4/19/09 to remove borders from the video clips, and again on 4/29/09 to fix a typo.)

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