Monday, March 16, 2009

Erin Bode and band traveling to Japan
to perform at Cotton Club Tokyo

A couple of weeks ago, we noted that singer Erin Bode (pictured) was headed north to perform at the Dakota jazz club in Minneapolis.

Now word comes via her email list that, having returned from the Twin Cities, Bode and her group soon will be headed east - to the Far East, that is - as they're going to Japan to perform from March 26 through March 28 at The Cotton Club Tokyo, which features both visiting acts from overseas and Japanese musicians, with a strong emphasis on jazz. (For example, other touring artists playing there in March include singer Rebecca Martin, the Yellowjackets with Mike Stern, guitarist Ronny Jordan, and reggae legends Sly and Robby.)

This isn't Bode's first foray into international waters; she and her band have toured Italy several times before, and traveled to South Africa for the Themba Girls CD project, which benefited a South African girls school. However, it is, as best can be determined, her first trip as a performer to Japan, which, along with some other Asian nations, has proven to be fertile ground for musicians from the United States, particularly jazz musicians. Here's hoping Bode and band have a safe and successful journey.

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