Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Site news: The Annals of Blogrolling, Vol. XVII

The StLJN blogroll's "Other Sites You May Enjoy" has some new additions, starting with Play It All Night Long, the newly minted site of veteran music journalist Dan Durchholz. Dan has written for a number of national music publications, freelances music stories for the Post and the St. Louis Beacon, and appears weekly on KMOX radio to discuss the local music scene with late-evening host Jon Grayson.

Also relatively new to the blogosphere and to our sidebar here is Neon Memes, written by Bryan Hollerbach. Like Dan, Bryan has written about music in St. Louis for a number of publications, and now, as part of his current gig as managing editor of St. Louis magazine, he's blogging about music, comics, life in St. Louis, and all sorts of other stuff as well.

Last but not least, there's Tony Renner, Artist. Yes, Tony's site for his radio show, The Scientific Method, is already blogrolled here, but obviously, the man just has too many facets to be contained by a single address on the Web. This blog, as the name implies, focuses on his visual art, and since he's been very active in spreading the word about STLJN, it only seems right to return the favor, so go look, OK?

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Bryan A. Hollerbach said...

Thanks, Dean! As ever, you're a gentleman and a scholar!