Tuesday, September 16, 2008

After renovations, Soulard Preservation Hall
reopens for concerts, parties

According to a recent blog post by St. Louis Post-Dispatch pop music reporter Kevin Johnson, the new owners of Soulard Preservation Hall have completed $2 million in renovations and have reopened the facility hoping to present "jazz concerts, parties, receptions and events." Read the whole post here.

Although nowhere near as venerable as the famed New Orleans building from which it borrows a name, the Soulard Preservation Hall has served as a live music venue in the past, hosting blues, rock, zydeco, the occasional jazz concert and even some live theater productions from roughly the mid-1980s into the 1990s. I attended a number of events there in that period, including one concert by Boston's Either/Orchestra for which the band nearly outnumbered the audience, and always liked the feel of the room and the bar area, even in their rundown, pre-renovated state. Here's hoping the new owners of Soulard Preservation Hall can find a successful formula for the venue that, per Johnson's article, includes live jazz.

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